Poetic Justice has teamed up with 95 Alive, the York and North Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership in conjunction with North Yorkshire Police in their Christmas anti Drink Drive Campaign, 2008.

Everyone knows they shouldn't drink and drive, yet every year countless people lose their lives as a result of this illegal and thoughtless activity, nationally, one in every six road deaths is caused by drink drivers. Poetic Justice has recorded the revamped poem In Their Shoes, performed by five police officers of North Yorkshire Police and the 95 Alive Partnership Coordinator. It's available for you to listen to here...


Cast (In Order of Appearance)

Drink Driver - PC Herrington
Victim - PC Moore
Control Room Dispatcher - PC Smith
Traffic Officer - Insp Brown
Driver's Mate - PC Priestman
Victim's Father - John Everson

Also, as part of the campaign, booklets containing the poem have been distributed to many licensed premises in North Yorkshire, below is the book, designed and produced by M Media and Design

In Their Shoes
Check back soon for the parody Drink Drive by The Cars...

If you spot someone who's had to much to drink, don't let them drive, if you can't talk to them, tell the police and save them having to knock on someone else's door. Let's work together this season to stop In Their Shoes becoming a reality. Have a great Christmas, stay safe and best wishes for 2009