Cher brought this song to us all, slightly different now as a trip through the Public Order Act 1986 Sections 5 through to 2.
George Michael isn't Whispering about it this time, some of the points needed for an offence of Careless Driving covered in this parody.
Hotel Bridewell (Is this the way?)
Tony Christie asked for how to get to Amarillo, the chap in this parody only wants to get to one place, and that's Bridewell. A run through the new arrest necessity criteria from the SOCPA legislation.
Elton performed this for someone. It's still performed for someone here, only this time, it's a prolific thief, covering most of the offences from the 1968 Theft Act. You Tube 
China Black assists with some of the relevant sections of PACE when searching people and property.
Abba sing their way through this one, showing the powers of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.
Elton's back, this time we're looking at the 4 main levels of assault, as requested by Alex,
Dusty Springfield takes us through how to deal with a significant statement
Bob Marley guides us through some points of NCRS - The National Crime Recording Standards
Roger Miller's classic takes us for a quick jog through some of the legislation surrounding tachographs, drivers' hours, ministry plates and operator licences 
With a little help from the Jackson 5, a little look at the very basics of driving licences - the vehicle categories.