When a 'customer' refused to get in the van as requested after a night of drunken fighting, this cop showed how he did it 'His Way'. MW on You Tube
What began life as Fields of Gold is now Fields of Red. A tribute to all of our soldiers, be they from the wars past, or still fighting battles for us today.
I need somebody… This little tearaway realises he needs help when he comes of age and the law can now take action against him.
From 'I Will Survive'. This time a bobby who will do anything to avoid arresting people. IWA on You Tube
Formerly performed by Will Young with slightly different words. A message from a Magistrate to the defendant, a repeat offender who needs to leave to only one place.
Nabbing the tune from 'My Old Man's a Dustman', a jaunty look at life on the streets from a new bobby's perspective
Not Wham singing this time, but a copper who's sick of a persistent offender on his patch.
Unlike Queen, it's not romance on this bobby's mind, just a burning desire to nab thieves... every thief
Not as innocent as Abba, a party girl who's not dancing now
Not telling you how to know if he loves you, but if he's guilty.
Weeks of continual police driver training thrown in here. Note, TUG = Take, Use, Give IWA on You Tube
A bobby's song to a familiar face. This parody was requested by Di. Hope you enjoy it!
Message from 'Mad' Ness a crook who steals from cars to those who leave items on display. As requested by Roger. Note TUMV = Theft from unattended motor vehicle
A copper's satisfaction at a good job, their mind on catching the criminals rather than Herman's Hermits romantic warblings. Note TIC = (Offences) Taken Into Consideration 
Borrowed from Spandau Ballet, True is a young Sgt's thoughts of his team
A few ways to get relieved of your licence (people who are disqualified from driving are often known as 'Disco Drivers' for them however, it is no party
Another Queen parody - Bicycle Race, this time being run by the boys and girls in blue... and high viz on their two wheeled stallions
Some say The King, Elvis is Alive, well he's here, with a twist on a classic. Note - RIPA = Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act
A twist on 2-4-6-8 Motorway, looking at the role of the Highway Agency Traffic Officer, as requested by Tom. Note, BDV = Broken Down Vehicle, RTC = Road Traffic Collision
Not as much fun as the Beach Boys had, this girl thinks she's a cut above the rest when it comes to driving, forgetting that new drivers lose their full licence at 6 points in the first 2 years 
As a change from the norm, a serious parody, about the 2010 student riots, and Poetic Justice's thoughts on some of the behaviour shown