Poetic Justice is proud to be getting involved in Road Safety Campaigns, supporting the 95 Alive, York and North Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership in conjunction with North Yorkshire Police

Here you'll find material produced by Poetic Justice for campaigns. It's a mixure of parodies and poetry but each piece is designed to get a message across to the public in a unique and emotive way. Some of the work has been already adopted by 95 Alive and is available in various formats, other material is currently on the site only. 

If you work for an organisation interested or involved in promoting safety on the roads and reducing road deaths and you think any material on this site could be of use in a campaign you're running, please email me atemail if you're running a campaign on a topic I've not already covered and would like a poem or parody related to it composing, just let me know

All lyrics and poems are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any format without prior permission from me.
As used by 95 Alive and North Yorkshire Police in their 2008 Christmas Drink Drive Campaign, this poem tells the story of a young lad who had a pint too many, just the one, not a hardened drink driver, but someone who's made a mistake, and the dreadful consequences it has.
Step into the shoes of 6 different people affected by that pint, and see how their worlds change...
Click the above link and listen to a performance of the hard hitting poem
Violets are blue...
A twist on a classic love poem, adopted by 95 Alive for their Valentine's Day Campaign, If you've someone special in your life, and you don't wear your seatbelt for yourself... wear it for them...

A pair of poems between a couple so in love on a very special day of the year, the day for romance. A time where nothing should be left unsaid...

A slightly different version of Drive by The Cars, still asking the all important question - Who's gonna drive you home tonight?

When you think of the improvement in cycle lights from those huge D cell powered bricks that gave you a bad back carrying them, to the modern bright LED ones that fit lightly in your pocket, there's no excuse for cycling without lights - sadly though, as in the case of this lad, people still do it

Phones ringing or beeping when you're driving are so tempting to answer... Here's what may happen if you give in to their demands to be answered

This lad was Getting Around like the Beach Boys, till he did a ton right past a speed cop - from Leathers to Lycra in the blink of a Magistrate's eye...

A short prayer from a motorist, or at least, what the traffic cops would like motorists to pray for!

A Modern Age Driver prays for an end to the stereotypical 'White Van Man'

It's not just young men who drink and drive, as this family found out

A look at Abba's infamous sing S.O.S. telling the story of someone caught out drug driving by F.I.T (Field Impairment Testing)  

How an innocent drive can end in such devastating way in the blink of an eye, through showing off that touch too much. Available on You Tube with full vocals